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Shape Legal was set up in 2002 and has since, established an excellent reputation for its integrity and value-based proactive, pragmatic and innovative legal advice and its ability to help clients effectively traverse the complicated legal and regulatory regime in India. With offices in, Delhi and Mumbai. Shape Legal has grown rapidly on the strength of its expertise to a multi-disciplinary team with over 50 lawyers, including 10 partners. We are modern and inclusive in our outlook, and have a solution oriented approach. We strongly promote diversity of thought, because we believe it helps us build strong teams with varied approaches and ideas to offer solutions that clients find value in.

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Our Practice Areas

We offer comprehensive legal services to our clients throughout the Delhi NCR, keeping in mind the difficulties they face in finding good, efficient lawyers. We practice in the following areas:

Bail Matters

Bail forms one of the basic parts of criminal jurisprudence and is a well-recognized practice among most legal systems all around the world.

Banking and Finance

Finance and banking are the lifeblood of trade, commerce, and industry. The development of any country mainly depends upon the banking and finance.

Cheque Bounce Matters

A cheque Bounce notice is nothing but an intimation to the issuer that legal action will be taken by the cheque beneficiary in case of non-payment of cheque amount.

Corporate and Commercial

Corporate and commercial lawyers are experts in company and business law. They understand the minute differences between legal entities.

Divorce and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the ugliest aspects of human society. For various reasons, some people will physically or mentally abuse their spouses, intimate partners

Service Matters

An employment lawyer can help explain the client’s rights to him or her. This includes explaining the applicable laws that apply to the case and the options available to the client


The main function of these lawyer is to control the activities of insolvency professionals. Also, they make sure that they are emerging in the industry. These professional members must comply.


Our Team has been recognized for its in-depth experience and creativity in handling a wide spectrum of disputes for domestic and international clients in courts and tribunals.

Merger and Acquisition

Amerger and acquisition (M&A) is a broad term used to describe the consolidation, amalgamation, and purchasing of one company by another.

MSME Matters

MSME refers to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, which were introduced by the Government of India by the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.


The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 – POCSO ACT applies all over India. As per the POCSO Act, a child is a person below 18 years.

Property Matters

Areal estate lawyer is someone with the task of knowing the norms and rules relating to immovable transactions. Real estate lawyers assist their customers to contract.


Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution procedure parties can choose instead of going to court. Arbitration must be consensually chosen by both the parties—usually in the original contract between two parties.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property may come from a trademark for a brand, symbol or words. It may be seen in a patent for an original creation or a new process for a previously created innovation. A copyright is issued for physical representations.


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Fight for Justice

In our fight for justice, we are committed to ethics. We are committed to the cause of our clients and ready to fight resiliently. We firmly believe that justice delayed is justice denied

Expert Lawyers

Our team consists of hardworking and dedicated professionals who are fully trained in various fields of law. After a long-term effort in Delhi and surrounding areas, we have been honoured as the best lawyer.

Diverse Experience

We have a team of lawyers with many years of experience in various fields of law. Each of our team members has their own specialty.

Accessibility & Coverage

We handle all types of civil and criminal cases at Delhi NCR. This enables us to provide a one-stop solution for all legal issues of our clients.

Affordable Fees

We provide the highest quality service at reasonable and affordable prices. We also volunteer for those in need.

Transparent & Trustworthy

we are always transparent with our clients about each step of the case. This is one of the reasons that made us the best advocate in Delhi.

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Office Number 417, 4th floor, Suneja Tower, District Center, Janakpuri, Delhi-110058

What Our Clients Say

Shape legal Firm handled my marriage case. It was a very seamless process and I received my green card in less than 10 months. You prepared our interview very carefully for my wife  and made sure we were prepared for every possible question. Without them, I would not have my green card. thank you for your help! !

Pankaj Sachdeva

I have never experienced the level of attention to detail and dedication of lawyers Shape legal. The lawyers demonstrate a thorough understanding of immigration and business law and aim to provide clients with flexible solutions to meet their legal needs. We Firms continue to rely on the comprehensive legal expertise.

Jassi Singh

They know what they’re doing. They have top-notch expertise in a wide range of legal fields and consistently deliver satisfactory results. The lawyer treated me comprehensively, carefully and seriously, and helped me with all my important requirements . They were very considerate and adjusted to my wishes

Monu Rawat