Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property may come from a trademark for a brand, symbol or words. It may be seen in a patent for an original creation or a new process for a previously created innovation. A copyright is issued for physical representations of ideas such as books, manuscripts screenplays and similar items. Trade secrets protect competitive advantages that are possible through secret recipes, processes, new methods of creating products and various other matters. With the use of these, it is possible to build a business empire and prosper throughout the entire world depending on certain factors. This means an intellectual property lawyer should be hired to assist with the company from the beginning.

  • Manage communication with courts regarding status of petitions and grant orders.
  • Work closely with in-house counsel and engineers/inventors to prepare applications and responses that are specifically tailor to accomplish client objectives.
  • Manage lawsuits which entail interviewing witnesses, coordinating a document collection exercise, reviewing legal documents, and supervising outside counsel.
  • Manage legal statement books for Mexican multinationals as well as documents for corporate governance, shareholder agreements and articles or incorporation.
  • Prepare infringement and FTO opinions in conjunction with partner attorneys.
  • Draft a variety of pleadings and motions on behalf of the plaintiff.
  • Prepare office action responses for biotechnology, drug delivery and medical device clients.
  • Create, assist clients in executing, and record assignments with the PTO.
  • Draft documents for clients to create the entities as well as internal governance documents.
  • Assist clients at the notary public office and negotiate licensing agreements for virtual data rooms.
  • Implement a wide array of judgment enforcement remedies and handle creditor-related issues in state and federal bankruptcy court.
  • Litigate complex commercial and bankruptcy cases.
  • Conduct detailed interactions with the USPTO regarding patent prosecution.
  • Conduct interviews with PTO examiners to expedite patent prosecution.
  • Provide counsel with respect to strategic development of patent portfolio.